Saturday, December 11, 2010

Open Post: Hosted By A Mysterious Night Goblin

Some forever scared hunter says his campground was destroyed and ransacked and that was left was a memory card with a picture of some kind of zombie on it. He sent it in to NBC 33 in Baton Rouge, LA and the anchors discussed it like they really believe it's a nightmare creature. As Ma says, "Dumbasses." They need to take off their SCARED faces and put on their RESEARCH faces.

This is not a picture of a Gollum monster and it wasn't even taken in Louisiana. This is obviously a hacked picture from JLo's BlackBerry. JLo took a picture of Marc Anthony roaming around their backyard late one night to prove to him that he's a sleepcrawler. Non-mystery solved! Where are we going for drinks?

via Gawker TV

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